Solid support for new rapid transit expressed at three-hour Planning Board session


51 speakers over 3 hours. That's a long night!

But the best part of the Planning Board’s hearing on the proposed Rapid Transit System on May 16 was the breakdown: the majority of those speakers urged Montgomery County to do more to invest in rapid transit!

So while it was a long night, it was also a good night that demonstrated that the majority of progressive Montgomery residents know the county’s transportation future lies in more transit investment  (and, as one resident put it, “what would summer be like without long nights at the Planning Board?”)

For a fun play-by-play recap of the night, check out our story summary! >>

Residents from Dickerson to down county testified about the need for transit in their community to transform Montgomery into a “21st century suburb” as one speaker put it. They spoke in favor of a future where we can relieve traffic, provide reliable and affordable transit options, and cut air pollution and carbon emissions. 

Several civic associations stepped up in favor of rapid transit, pointing to the need to look forward and find alternative solutions to traffic. Representatives from organizations like the Sierra Club, Action Committee for Transit, Montgomery County Young Democrats, League of Women Voters, WABA, and more were at the meeting as well, speaking out on behalf of their constituencies. 

Thanks to everyone who spoke out or wrote in to the Planning Board! And if you couldn't make it, it's not too late.

TAKE ACTION: Today is the last day to send in your comments to the Planning Board to be included in the record.  If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to send your thoughts, however brief, to  Sample talking points to get you started are here.

What happens next for Rapid Transit, you might ask?  The Planning Board will hold several work sessions on the plan this June before sending over their recommendations to the County Council, who will take up the proposal this fall. 

We have plenty of work in the meantime to build a movement for reliable, affordable, sustainable transportation options – we’ll be in touch more soon! 



Kelly Blynn
Coalition for Smarter Growth


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