What You Can Do To Help

After learning of the exciting potential of the New White Flint many want to know what they can do to help make it a reality. Our number one priority is to share information. Please get your friends and neighbors to join our email list so that we can stay in touch.

check-markWrite a letter of support

The proposed new Sector Plan must be approved by Ike Leggett and then voted on and approved by the nine members of the Montgomery County Council. Send a letter, email or make a call to let them know you support the New White Flint.

Click Here to Email Rockville's Mayor and City Council

Click Here to Email Montgomery County's Elected Leadership

check-markSend a letter to the newspaper

Both the Gazette and the Washington Post have provided extensive coverage of the process leading to a new Sector Plan to date. They want to hear from you on this issue! Send a letter of support to the Editor and see if it gets published! We can provide you the addresses, format and some help on the facts if you would like.

Click Here to Get Information for Sending Letters to the Editor

check-markJoin us Online

Become a fan of our Facebook page: The White Flint Partnership. Invite your Facebook friends to join the page to learn more about the project, view pictures, be invited to events and show support! Follow us @New_White_Flint to get up-to-date tweets about the progress of the project.

check-markJoin Friends of White Flint

You can also join your neighbours who have formed the Friends of White Flint with the goal of working to make the new White Flint an Innovative, Spectacular, Inviting, Green, Transit-oriented Urban Destination.   Join them at www.friendsofwhiteflint.org

check-markTalk to us

Let us know what you think we at can be doing to make this issue more understandable, to spread the word to more residents of the area, and to galvanize public opinion to transform our area to the sort of community we want here in White Flint.

Click Here to Contact the White Flint Partnership