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About Us

The White Flint Partnership is a unique alliance of developers organized to work together and with the community and the government. Formed in 2008, it put its interest behind revising the Sector Plan for the White Flint area to ensure its future as a successful commercial and residential corridor. In less than three years, neighbors, residents, business and developers worked together to get a new Sector Plan passed, identify tax sources with a new Montgomery County Development District and galvanize behind a center-lane, rapid transit concept for transforming travel on this key Wisconsin Avenue corridor.

Preliminary plans from individual developers have already been proposed, and their concepts are compelling: colorful shops, outdoor cafes, wide sidewalks, mini parks, new streets and a variety of homes and offices. Public arts, farmers’ markets and live entertainment are among the proposals. The overall vision is for a comfortable and easily accessible network of neighborhoods that add up to a new, 21st century style of living, working and playing.

To learn more about the White Flint Partnership, please Contact Us.