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For your reference, here are letters and testimony submitted on behalf of the White Flint Partnership from over the last few years.

Letters/Press Releases

County Council Testimony 10-26-10

County Council Testimony - Annual Growth Policy

Press Release - BF Saul Joins WFP - 3-22-11

Impact Tax Credit Ltr to the County Council 1-17-11

Letter from WFP to County Council re_ ZTA 11-01

Letter to Council on CIP for RTV Study 1-15-13

Ltr from WFP to Planning Board re_ WFII Sector Plan - 1-4-2017

Letter to the City of Rockville PC re Rockville Pike 2-22-11

Partnership Letter to County Executive re_ Aquatics Center 5-4-2011

County Council Testimony - Road Code Bill for White Flint Partnerhsip 2013

Letter to MNCPPC - Separated Bike Lane Ltr Final 12-2-15

County Council Testimony - 9-26-2013

Testimony in support of white flint dev district bill with amendments

Thank You Letter December 2010

Thank-you letter Dec 23 2010

House Environmental Matters Committee - WF Partnership Rent Control Testimony 2-27-13

WFP Letter to the County Council - 10-19-2010

MNCPPC Letter re WFP Design Guidelines 06-07-10

County Council testimony - WFP on FR 2015 Capital Budget - 2-5-2014