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The vision for White Flint is an amenity-rich, new urban center that is engaging, accessible, connected, convenient, green, safe and vibrant.


Great places demand great spaces by design. Public art, inviting parks and plazas, and intimate gathering areas will become the identity of the new White Flint. This is about creating an engaging, interactive space with a strong identity that defines a community.


A new network of sidewalks and streets is planned that will provide the whole community with improved access – both pedestrian and vehicular – to world-class amenities. This network can absorb volume and calm the traffic flow. No longer will Rockville Pike be a driver’s nightmare; instead, it will be friendly and safe for pedestrians, cyclists, residents and visitors.


Residents will be psychologically connected through identification with a new community, physically connected through a network of new streets, culturally connected through improved access to Strathmore, a local library and exciting new retail and entertainment options – all emotionally connected through safe bike and pedestrian trails that lead to Cabin John and Rock Creek Parks.


The new White Flint will liberate residents through walkable blocks in ways they had never dreamed of before. They’ll have convenient access to a corner grocery store, a coffee shop, a post office, local restaurants and more. All will be located within easy walking distance or a short drive from home — life’s necessities will be close at hand.


The new White Flint will incorporate many initiatives to ensure sustainability, and will be known as a place that is environmentally focused and forward-thinking.


The current Rockville Pike knifes through White Flint and residents often fear for their safety when trying to cross or navigate the area.  Plans for the newly designed boulevard and network of streets will dictate safe speeds of 25 to 30 mph, which will make streets attractive for pedestrians, cyclists, and retailers, while maintaining throughput volumes. Plans also respect the established neighborhoods by creating comfortable buffers and lower building heights as new development nears existing homes.  And White Flint families will feel safe allowing their children to walk to school, a friend’s house, a park or playground, movies and more.


The new White Flint will be a destination that the community can take pride in as a collection of the best hometown amenities in an urban atmosphere full of life and energy.

Building A Community

A new White Flint is essential to restoring a sense of community for local residents. By replacing Rockville Pike with a 21st century boulevard lined with outdoor cafes,  exciting new shops, tree-lined walkways, and inviting green spaces, White Flint can be transformed into a destination for visitors and a desirable hometown for residents.

A Place to Feel Welcome

The new White Flint will be a place where residents feel at home and visitors feel welcome. Beyond the new walkable shopping district, the area will be developed with more green space – seven parks will be included for community events and family relaxation. The parks will host farmers markets, art festivals and live entertainment that will appeal to all ages.


We have an opportunity to start over in White Flint and knit the fabric of a new community into the existing suburban landscape. After careful study, we believe the most intense development should be within close proximity to the Metro and other transit within the Sector Plan. Respecting the residents who live in the existing neighborhoods, our plans call for stepping down the height and density as the new buildings near long-time communities.

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